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Renters Insurance In Georgia

Did you know that roughly one-third of all homes in Georgia are rented? There are plenty of reasons to rent, and a lot of people do it. Unfortunately, not all renters understand the importance of renter’s insurance. It’s a vital piece of protection that every rented home, apartment, or condo needs, and at Insurance Service Associates, we can help you get that protection. Learn a little more about renter’s insurance to see why you need it, how it can help and how easy it is to get a good policy.

What Renter’s Insurance Does

There is often confusion as to why renter’s insurance is important. When you rent a home or apartment, the building is covered by insurance. That insurance policy is similar to a homeowner’s policy in that it covers the building itself in the case of many forms of damage. The major difference is that a landlord’s insurance policy does not cover any personal belongings inside of a space they are renting.

This is why renter’s insurance matters. Your landlord is protected, but you are not unless you get your own policy. A renter’s policy is easy to obtain when you know a few things. If you can assess the value of the property you keep in the house or apartment, you’ll know how big your policy should be. While each policy will have specific coverage, you can look for plans that protect you from flooding, fire, smoke and theft. Other specific needs can also be serviced.

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