Life Insurance

Life Insurance In Georgia

When you plan for life’s uncertainties by having a life insurance policy, you provide your family the opportunity to help replace lost income, eliminate debts, fund college education, or address other financial needs and goals while they adjust to a new life. We at Insurance Service Associates highly recommend a life insurance policy to Georgia residents so that they can plan for their life in advance before their demise.

Types of life insurance

Whole Life: It's a life insurance policy that is guaranteed to remain in force for the insured's entire lifetime provided the premiums are paid. It can be used as an income tool as well as an insurance investment.

Term life: It’s a policy that covers you for a set period. It lasts for a certain number of years then it ends. Probably 10,20 or 30 years. The premiums are lower when you are younger and increase as you get older.

Universal life: It’s a type of cash value life insurance. Under the terms of this policy, the excess premium payments above the current cost of insurance is credited to the cash value of the policy which is credited every month with interest.

Variable universal: It’s a permanent life insurance policy that allows the ability to accumulate cash value while providing variety and control over professionally managed investment options. You have the freedom to monitor and make decisions on where to locate your fund's overtime.

Life is beautiful but also uncertain. That's why we at Insurance Service Associates advocate for a life insurance policy as the ultimate tool to deal with adverse financial consequences faced by the beneficiaries. If you are unsure about life insurance, feel free to contact us or visit our website for more information.

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