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Owners of condominiums may be exposed to special risks because of the configuration of the units. A damaging incident in one unit can quickly lead to problems in an adjacent unit. Condo insurance is designed to cover the unique situations that may occur. At Insurance Service Associates, we can help you determine the condo insurance you need to prevent expensive losses

Why You Need Condo Insurance

When you purchase a condominium, you don’t own the building structure itself or the land around it. These areas are owned by the homeowner’s association and are generally covered by the master insurance policy if damage occurs to the structure or land in common areas. This insurance also covers liability costs if anyone is injured in common areas. However, insurance does not cover anything inside your condominium. Condo insurance is designed to provide coverage for damage or liability that occurs inside your individual condominium.

Common Types of Condo Insurance Coverage

Condominium master insurance policies may cover the exterior to the “bare walls” of your condo interior. Other types of policies may also cover other amenities that were built when the structure was constructed, such as wiring and plumbing. However, neither policy will cover your personal effects, such as furniture, clothing, artworks, electronics or other items. In addition, HOA master policies will not cover your loss from theft, nor will it cover liability costs from someone who is injured while in your condo. A condo insurance policy may also cover costs for alternative housing if your condo is damaged, and you cannot live in it for a period of time while is it being restored.

Make Insurance Service Associates Your Agent For Georgia Condo Insurance

Our agents can provide experienced, detailed information about your options for condo insurance in the state of Georgia. We offer a wide range of insurance products for home, auto, RV, life, and business. Call Insurance Service Associates today for a free, no-obligation quote on condo insurance to protect you from unexpected events that can cause financial loss.

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